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AK-Interactive Rubbing stick spare tips 5 mm
Stock: 1

Contains 5 refills. Big 5 MM sponge refills for AK9317 tool or in other types of makeshift stands or sticks. These foam sponges are used to clean panel washes (Panel Line Cleaner) or apply decals. The slanted tip allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas and do fine detailing. They are lint free and reusable. Simply wash them with universal thinner when the tip gets too dirty.

AK Interactive Fine sanding pads 400 Grit. 4 units
Stock: 4

A super flexible high quality sanding sponge. Resists jamming. Folds and adapts without breaking forcomfortable sanding. The colour of the sponge identifies the grit size. Blue: 400

AK Interactive Mixed grit sanding pads 4 units
Stock: 2

This set contains one unit of each of the super flexible,jam resistant sponges. They fold and adapt without breaking for very comfortable sanding. The colour of the sponge identifies the grit size. Grit sizes included: 800, 400, 220, 120


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