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General terms and conditions
Valid from 25-08-2022.



Welcome to our website! Thank you for giving us your thrust by making a purchase!

Please read through this document before verifying your order, because in doing so your accepting the following terms and conditions.

If you have any question about the terms and conditions, our products, placing an order, using the website, or would like to express a particular request please contact one of our employees through the given contacts.


Imprint: About our company

Name: Falcon-Model Kft.
Place of operation: Nefelejcs street 2., 4233, Balkány, Hungary
Mailing adress: Nefelejcs street 2., 4233, Balkány, Hungary
Authority of registration: Registry Court of Nyíregyháza
Registration number: 15-09-082084

TAX number: 24991102-2-15
EU VAT number: HU24991102-2-15
Representative: Sándor Kocsis
Phone number: +3670/3209946
Bank account number (EUR): HU72 1091 8001 0000 0072 2569 0014


About the hosting provider

Name: Endre Paller (self-employed)
Place of operation: 8900, Zalaegerszeg, Mártírok útja 71. Hungary
Contact: +36 70 933 43 04,

About the hosting provider

Name: Endre Paller (self-employed)
Place of operation: 8900, Zalaegerszeg, Mártírok útja 71. Hungary
Contact: +36 70 933 43 04,



Sides: The buyer and the seller collectively
Costumer: A natural person who is proceeding outside his/her profession or business field.
Costumer contract: A contract in which one of the sides is a costumer. 
Website: which acts as a tool of communication between the distant parties.
Szerződés: Eladó és Vevő között a Honlap és elektronikus levelezés igénybevételével létrejövő
adásvételi szerződés

Tool of communication between distant parties: A tool which is capable of making a contract statement remotely. Such a tool can be a printed form, standard letter, advertisement with order form attached to it, catalogue, telephone, telefax or any device capable of providing internet connection.
Contract between distant parties: A costumer contract related to the contractual fulfillment of a product or service, which is being made without the actual physical contact between the parties via tool of communication between distant parties.

Product: All the merchantable goods offered and placed on the market by the website that can be subject of the contract.
Entrepreneur: The person in charge of his/her/its professional field, business.
Buyer (yourself): The person who is making a purchase contract through the website.
Warranty: In case of contract between the buyer and the entrepreneur (costumer contract) the Hungarian Civil Code defines warranty in two ways:
a) It is the responsibility taken upon the fulfillment of the contract that goes beyond the entrepreneur’s legal obligation or in its absence the entrepreneur takes it upon himself/herself/itself on by his/her/its own will.
b) It is the mandatory responsibility based on the law.


Related laws

The following laws are especially related to making contracts:
Title CLV of the Costumer Protection Act of 1997;
Title CVIII of the Questions About Online Commerce service and IT Society Act of 2001;
Title V of the Hungarian Civil Codes of 2013;
Government Regulation About The Obligatory Warranty of Particular Durable Products of 151/2003. (IX. 22.);
Government Regulation About The Thorough Rules of Contracts Between Costumers and Entrepreneurs of 45/2014 (II.26);
Regulation of The Ministry of National Economy About The Warranty and Expiration Date of Products Sold Through Contracts Between Costumers and Entrepreneurs of 19/2014. (IV. 29.)


In the case of legal disputes, we act in accordance with the official Hungarian law.


Validity, Adaption and Changeability of The General Terms and Conditions

The contract that is about to be made between us – in addition to the related laws above - is defined by The General Terms and Conditions and the further instructions on the website. So accordingly the current General Terms and Conditions contains all the rights and obligations on both the entrepreneurs (ours) and the costumers (yours) side, all the conditions of making the contract, all the completion dates, all the shipping and payment obligations, all the liability rules and all the rights of withdrawal. Before confirming your order you must be aware of the current rules of General Terms and Conditions. By placing an order through the website you agree with the current General Terms and Conditions and it becomes the part of the contract between the costumer (you) and the entrepreneur (us). The entrepreneur has all the rights to change the current General Terms and Conditions within the legal framework. Please read through the General Terms and Conditions before every purchase! In case of change in the General Terms and Conditions the new version becomes valid in the moment of publishing it on the website. Of course these changes doesn’t affect the orders that has been confirmed before publishing the newest General Terms and Conditions.


The language and form of the contract

The language of the current General Terms and Conditions is Hungarian/English.

The contracts made under the current General Terms and Conditions are not documented on paper.



All the prices are in HUF/EURO and contain 27% VAT. We keep the right to change the prices!
Some of our products contain 5% VAT instead of 27%.


Complaint management and law enforcement

The costumer can channel his/her/its complaint about the products or the seller through the following contacts:
Telephone number: +3670/3209946

The costumer can express his/her/its complaint in spoken or written form which is directly related to the behavior, activity or omission of the commerce of products by the entrepreneur or other representative.

In case of verbal complaint the entrepreneur is obligated to investigate and solve the case as soon as possible. If the costumer doesn’t agree with the solution or the investigation of the complaint is not possible the entrepreneur is obligated to make a report about the complaint and hand a copy of it to the costumer right at the place of complaint or in case of using electronic telecommunicating device the entrepreneur is obligated to send the costumer the report – according to the rules about written form of complaint management – with the worth-while answer in 30 days. In other cases of written form of complaint management the entrepreneur has to proceed the following way. In case of written form of complaint – if the EU’s directly connecting law doesn’t differ from it – the entrepreneur is obligated to give a worth-while answer in written form to the complaint in 30 days. In case of rejection the entrepreneur has to justify why the complaint has been rejected. All the verbal complaints through telephone or electrical communication device has to be marked with a special identification number. 

The complaint report has to contain the following data:
       1. Name and address of the costumer,
       2. Place, time, and form of complaint,
       3. Thorough description of the costumers complaint with the related documents and evidence ,
       4. The entrepreneurs statement on the case if immediate investigation is possible,
       5. The report makers and – with the exception of using telephone or electrical telecommunication device – both the costumers signatures,
       6. Place and time of making the report,
       7. In case of using telephone or electrical telecommunication device the compliments special identification number

The entrepreneur is obligated to keep these reports for 5 years and in case of inspection hand them over to the authorities.

If the entrepreneur rejects the costumer’s complaint the entrepreneur is obligated to inform the costumer about the authorities – with phone number and address accordingly to the costumers location - where he/she/it can ask for further revision.

If the dispute between the costumer and the entrepreneur doesn’t settle the following law enforcement methods are available for the costumer:

He/she/it can make a complaint at the local costumer protection authority. The costumer protection authority investigates the case and decide if they want to start a costumer protection process. The first-level consumer protection duties are performed by the capital and county government offices competent for the consumer's place of residence, a list of which can be found at:

Judicial procedure. The costumer has all the rights to bring the dispute between himself/herself/itself and the entrepreneur to court within civil procedure according to title V of the Hungarian Civil Code of 2013 and title CXXX of the Civil Procedure Act of 2016.

We would like to inform you that you have all the rights to have a costumer complaint towards us. If we reject your complaint you can turn to your local conciliation court for further inspection. The requirement of this inspection is that the costumer has to make a direct contact with the entrepreneur to solve the dispute beforehand, only after that he/she/it can turn to the conciliation court.

The entrepreneur is obligated to cooperate with the conciliation court throughout the process.

In this context the entrepreneur is obligated to address the conciliation court’s call and appear before the court at the given date. If the conciliation court is not within the same county as the entrepreneur there is chance of agreement between the entrepreneur and the costumer in written form so there is no need of attendance before the court on the entrepreneurs end.

In case of this agreement gets violated the Costumer Protection Authority takes the case into its hands. In this case – if the entrepreneur have clearly violated the agreement – the Costumer Protection Authority imposes a fine to the entrepreneur.

In the case of small and medium businesses the fine is between 50 and 1700 Euros. While small and medium businesses above 312 000 net income/year get a fine between 50 and 1 600 000 Euros. By introducing a fine the Costumer Protection Authority emphasizes the fact that businesses have to take their part in the conciliation court’s procedure.

The conciliation court’s purpose is to settle the dispute between the entrepreneur and the costumer outside the judicial procedure. The conciliation court’s procedure starts at the costumer’s request. The request has to be sent to the conciliation court’s president. The request has to be in written form so the costumer can use mail, telefax or other electrical telecommunication device that is capable of channeling the request in its written form.

Request has to contain the following datas: 

      a. The costumer’s name, address and current location,
      b. The entrepreneur’s name and address,
      c. If the costumer chose other conciliation court than his/her/its location the local conciliation court has to be indicated,
      d. A short description of the costumer’s standpoint with documents and evidence included,
      e. The costumer’s statement that he/she/it tried to settle the dispute directly with the entrepreneur beforehand,
      f. The costumer’s statement that other conciliation court hasn’t started a procedure in the case,
      g. A proposal to the conciliation court’s decision,
      h. The signature of the costumer.

The costumer is obligated to attach the document that he/she/it is using as an evidence to the request as well as the statement from the entrepreneurs end that rejected to settle the dispute in the first encounter.

If the costumer has a commissioned person his/her/its name has to be indicated as well in the attachment.

More information on the Hungarian Conciliation Court:

More information on the local Conciliation Courts:

Our local Conciliation Court:

Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Conciliation Court
Adress: 4400, Nyíregyháza, Széchenyi u. 2. Hungary
Phone number: +36-42-311-544
Fax: 06-42-311-750


Online dispute settlement platform

The European Commission has created a website where costumers can register and settle their dispute according to online commerce by filling out a petition outside the judicial procedure. This is in favor of the costumers who order a product from abroad so they do not have to contact foreign authorities.

If you want to make a complaint about an online order and do not want to turn to court you can use the website mentioned above!


Copyright issues

According to the first paragraph of title LXXVI of the act about Copyright Issues from 1999 this website is considered an intellectual property that is protected by copyright law. So copying any artwork or software related applications, source codes are prohibited. It can only be allowed by the owner of the website which is Falcon-Model KFT.


Partial invalidity and behavior codex

If the General Terms and Conditions is partially vague or invalid all the other parts stay valid and the problematic details are going to be reinterpreted by correction.
The entrepreneur (us) doesn’t have any behavior codex related to the prohibition of unfair commerce practice towards customers.


Operation of digital data content, technical protection measurements

The servers that are providing the website are available 99,9% of the year. Fail safe backup files are constantly being made in case of system crash. We keep all the data in MSSQL and MySQL data bases. All the confidential information is safely kept in the code.


All the information about the factual specifications of the products

You learn about the thorough specifications of the products sold through the website in each particular products item description. The pictures are just illustrations they might not fit the actual colors!


Correcting data entry mistakes-Responsibility for the factuality of data

You have the choice of editing your uploaded data throughout the purchase up until you finally confirm your order (you can always go back to the previous page to correct your order). We would like to bring to your attention that providing the factual payment and shipping data throughout your order is your own responsibility. By placing your order you agree that all the expenses caused by your mistake will be charged on you. We do not take responsibility for completing orders based on false data. We bring to your attention that giving false e-mail addresses will result in the lack of order conferment which leads to declining the contract.


Procedure in case of false price

The seller does not take any responsibility for incorrect prices caused by errors in the website’s system

Such examples can be perceived as incorrect prices:

·  0 EUR prices

·  Wrong prices in case of discounts. (for example a 10 EUR item is highlighted 5 EUR in case of 20% discount)

·  Any other case when it is obvious that the price is wrong (1000 EUR instead of 100 EUR for example)

In case of incorrect price the seller offers the corrected price to the costumer. And then the order can be accepted or declined.


Using the website

Process of placing an order

Choosing the product

You can select the particular products by clicking on the correct product family on the menu bar. By clicking on the picture of the desired product you can check its factory code, item description and its price. The pictures are just illustrations, they might differ from the actual product and we do not take responsibility for that!

Placing an item in the cart

After selecting the desired product you can put it into the cart. This doesn’t result in a payment obligation yet! If you do not want to buy anymore products you can go and check at by clicking the “cart” button, if you would like to keep looking click “continue shopping” after putting the product into the cart.


Viewing the cart

Throughout using the website you can always click the “cart” button and check its content. Here you can delete a particular product or change its quantity. After pressing “OK” the system automatically changes the information in the cart to the desired effect. If you have finished shopping you can check out by clicking the “checking out” button.

Giving the necessary costumer data

After clicking “checking out” the content of the cart and the total price will show up once again. You have to choose a type of shipping under the “shipment and payment type” button. Here you can choose the type of delivery. You also have to choose the preferred payment method which is either the payment by credit card via "Barion payment system" or bank transfer. In case of delivery the system automatically shows the shipping cost that you are obligated to pay together with the total cost of the products in your cart. You have to give your full name, address, e-mail and telephone number under the “shipping address and name” bar. The system automatically considers your shipping address the same as your payment address. In case of difference you have to indicate the payment address manually. You can also leave any special requests, observations related to your order under the “comments” section.

Overview of your order

After filling out all the sections mentioned above you can change or delete any data or even go back to your cart page by using the “previous page” button in your web browser. If you are done and want to confirm your order all you have to do is accepting the General Terms and Conditions and click on the “place order” button.


Finalizing your order

You can finalize your order by clicking the “Place order” button after you have made sure that all the desired products are in the cart in the desired quantity. The information found on the website cannot be interpreted as a contract offer. According to the current General Terms and Conditions the contract starts with a payment offer from the costumers (you) end which the entrepreneur (us) then accepts or declines. By clicking “place order” you accept the General Terms and Conditions and agree to be obligated to pay for the total price if the entrepreneur accepts your payment offer.


Processing an order, and making the contract

If the entrepreneur (us) does not confirm the costumers (your) order in 48 hours the costumer is free to step back from the deal. You can place an order any time you want. The entrepreneur (us) gets back to the costumer with the order confirmation the following day at the latest. The contract becomes valid at the moment of it’s confirmation by the entrepreneur (us).


Payment methods

Credit card via "Barions payment system"

You can pay the total price of your order via credit card immediately you finalize your order. Online credit card payments are made through the Barion system. Credit card details will not be sent to the merchant. The service provider Barion Payment Zrt. Is an institution supervised by the National Bank of Hungary, license number: H-EN-I-1064/2013.

Bank Transfer

You can pay the total price of your order via bank transfer which is thoroughly described after confirming the order.


Shipping methods and shipping costs

GLS courier service

All the ordered products are delivered by GLS or by DHL for 15 Euros gross.


To our reseller partners: Shipping charges will always be calculated after packaging.


Completion Date

The general deadline of completion of the order is 30 days from confirmation. This deadline is only informative. By accepting the General Terms and Conditions you agree that the entrepreneur (us) does not take any responsibility for going beyond this deadline.


Reservation of rights, ownership clause

It might occur that some of the products displayed on our website have ran out of production in the meantime. In this case we reserve the right to decline these particular orders. Partial completion is obviously possible reconciliation with the entrepreneur (us). In case of bank transfer the total price will be transferred back to the costumers account in 5 days.

If the costumer have previously ordered products from the website and didn’t take the package over when it was delivered to you (except the case when the costumer lives with his/her right of withdrawal) or the package goes back to the seller with a “failed to deliver” mark the seller can hold the items back until the full actual and shipping price has been transferred. In case of bank transfer in foreign currency the seller can order the costumer to pay the cost of the currency change in addition to the actual price.


Orders from abroad

The seller does not make a difference between costumers from Hungary and the European Union. According to the current Terms and Conditions the seller provides shipping within Hungary.

The current Terms and Conditions are related to orders outside of Hungary as well if the costumer is from the European Union. The costumer can also be a company which is based in the EU, and is using the bought products for final consumption. Everybody can be considered as a costumer who is buying the products for final consumption.

The main language of the website and the transactions is English. The seller is not obligated to use the language of the country which the costumer is from.

The seller is not obligated fit any requirements or regulations of the costumer’s country outside of the contract that is made throughout the transaction between the seller and the costumer.

The seller applies the Hungarian VAT to all products, unless it chooses not to do so.

The costumer can practice his/her law enforcement according to the current Terms and Conditions.

In case of electric transaction the Seller is the one who defines the currency.

The seller can hold the products back until it is certain that both the actual price and the shipping price has been transferred properly. For instance if the costumer’s bank charges extra fees for the currency change the seller can hold the products back until the costumer has added these additional fees to the transaction.

The seller gives the same shipping options to foreigners as to Hungarians.

According to the current Terms and Conditions the costumer can request shipping within Hungary or the European Union in all of the options listed on the site.

Both Hungarian and foreign costumers can choose personal pickup at the seller.

Costumers outside of Hungary can choose other shipping options as well on their own expenses.

The seller only fulfills the order after both the actual price and the shipping price (except the case of shipping on the costumer’s own expenses). In case of unfulfilled shipping price the seller can break up the contract and give the actual price back to the costumer.


Costumer information based on the Government Regulation from 45/2014

Information about the costumer’s right of withdrawal

Based on the Government Regulation from 45/2014 the costumer has the right of withdrawal from the contract without any explanation. The costumer can practice his/her/its right of withdrawal for 14 days from the moment of taking over the package. If the costumer placed an offer in the beginning of the contract he/she/it has the right of withdrawal before making the contract.


Withdrawal statement, the practice of the costumer’s right of withdrawal

The costumer can express his withdrawal according to the 20th paragraph of the Government Regulation from 45/2014 by sending the entrepreneur (us) a statement – according to the given template below – to Hungary 4233 Balkány Nefelejcs street 2.


                                                                      A sample of a withdrawal statement

Addressee: Falcon-Model Kft.

Address: Hungary 4233 Balkány Nefelejcs street 2.

Undersigned … states that he/she/it would like to practice his/her/its right of withdrawal related to the contract of this/those particular product/products:

Time of making the contract, time of getting the package:

The costumer’s name:

The costumer’s address:

I would like to have the total price transferred back to this account:

Signature of the costumer:

Date of the statement:




Validity of the costumer’s statement of withdrawal

The withdrawal statement is valid if it is handed in within the 14 day deadline. It is the costumer’s responsibility to prove that the statement has been handed over during this period of time. The entrepreneur/seller is obligated to confirm the statement as soon as it has arrived via electrical communication device.


The entrepreneur’s/seller’s obligations during the withdrawal of the costumer

The entrepreneur’s refund responsibility

If the costumer withdraws from the contract according to the 22th paragraph of the Government Regulation from 45/2014 the entrepreneur/seller has to refund the total cost of the order and the occurring additional costs –like the shipping cost - in 14 days to the costumer. We bring to your attention that the shipping refund only means the standard shipping cost not the more expensive “priority” shipping.

Method of refund on the entrepreneur’s/seller’s end

According to the 22th paragraph of the Government Regulation from 45/2014 the entrepreneur/seller is obligated to refund the total price of the order along with the shipping cost in the same payment method as the costumer has bought it beforehand. In the costumer’s request other payment methods can be used as well. The entrepreneur/seller does not take any responsibility in the case of false bank account number of wrong shipping address.

Additional costs

If the costumer chose a more expensive way of shipping the entrepreneur/seller is not obligated to refund that.

Right of retention

The entrepreneur/seller has the right of keeping the refund back until the product/products in question has/have arrived. We do not accept a cash on delivery.


The costumer’s responsibilities during withdrawal

Returning the product/products

According to paragraph 22 of the Government Regulation from 45/2014 if the costumer withdraws from the contract he/she/it is obligated to return the product in 14 days.

Taking the costs of returning the product/products

The costumer have to pay for the shipping of the returned product. 

The costumer’s responsibility for depreciation

The costumer is obligated to pay for the depreciation caused by the use of the product (beyond the necessary usage to investigate its quality).


Exclusion of the right of withdrawal

The costumer cannot practice his/her/it’s right of withdrawal according to the 29th paragraph of the Government Regulation from 45/2014 if the product was tailor made for the costumer or in case of products that are hygienically dangerous to be put on shelves after unboxing.


Warranty, product warranty

This section of the Consumer Information is based on the authorization of Article 9 (3) of Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.), Applying Annex 3 to Government Decree 45/2014 (II.26.).



When can you practice your warranty rights?

In case of deficient completion of the contract the costumer can practice his/her/its right of warranty according to the Hungarian Civil Codes.

What kind of rights does the costumer have in case of warranty?

You can practice the following rights:

You can request a repair or an interchange except if it is impossible to fulfill or it is unequally expensive for the seller/entrepreneur compared to other requirements. If you cannot ask for a repair you can ask for the price of the repair and have somebody else to do it or if worst comes to worst you can brake the contract and ask for a refund.

How long can you practice your warranty rights?

You are obligated to report the error in the moment of discovery or up until 2 months at the latest. We bring to your attention that the 2 year warranty period you have no rights to practice your rights of warranty.

Whom can you contact with your warranty request?

You have to contact the seller/entrepreneur with your warranty request.

What other requirements do you have to meet before practicing your rights for warranty?

The costumer does not have to meet any requirements other than reporting the error and proving that you have bought the product from the seller within the first six months from making the contract. However after this period you also have to prove that the error was already there when you have opened up the package.


Product warranty

When can you practice you right for product warranty?

If your product is flawed you can either practice your right for warranty or product warranty.

What kind if rights do you have in case of product warranty?

In case of product warranty you can only request an interchange or product repair.

When can a product be perceived “flawed”?

A product can be considered flawed if it does not the meet the quality requirements at the moment of placing it on the market or if it does not match up with the instructions given by the seller/entrepreneur.

How long can you practice your rights for product warranty?

You can practice your rights for product warranty within 2 years from the purchase. After that you lose your right for product warranty.

Whom can you contact with your warranty request, and what other requirements do you have to meet to do so?

You have to contact the seller/entrepreneur with your warranty request. And you have to prove that the product is flawed.

When is the seller/entrepreneur free from the warranty obligation?

The seller/entrepreneur is free from the warranty obligation if:

-the product was made/sold outside of its business field

-the nature of the flaw cannot make it possible to detect its first time of appearance

-the flaw of the product originates a law or government regulation

One of these examples is enough for the seller/entrepreneur to be free from the warranty obligation. We bring to your attention that you cannot practice both the warranty and the product warranty at the same time. But you can practice the warranty after an interchanged or repaired product.



When can you practice your guaranty rights?

You can practice your rights for guaranty in case of incorrect completion of the contract on the seller’s/entrepreneur’s end.

What can kind of rights do you have in case of guaranty and when?

The cases of obligatory guaranty are defined according to the government regulation about the guaranty of particular durable products from 151/2003. (IX. 22.). In cases outside of this field the seller/entrepreneur does not take any responsibility and is not obligated to fulfill the guaranty request. The guaranty rights of the costumer can be practiced throughout the guaranty period. If the seller/entrepreneur does not fulfill this obligation in the given time the costumer can turn to court with the case in the following 3 months. In case of guaranty the costumer has the exact same rights as with warranty. The costumer’s rights can be practiced in the 1st year of owning the product after that the costumer’s right for guaranty ceases to exist. This 1 year period starts with the purchasing or the startup of the product. With requests for guaranty beyond this given time please contact the manufacturer.

Compulsory cases of guaranty:

1.      Household appliances above 30 Euros, such as refrigerator, electric stove, washing machine, centrifuge, dryer and any combination of them, dishwasher, iron, water heater, heating, air conditioning, and other air-conditioner equipment, vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner, carpet cleaner, floor scrubbing machine and grinding machine, sewing machine, knitting machine, electric boiler, pump.

2.      Smaller electrical kitchen appliances above 30 Euros such as microwave oven, bread maker, toaster, coffee maker, coffee machine, kettle, cookware, grill, fryer, waffle maker, candle, sandwich maker, electric griddle, electric pizza cooker, electric skillet, electric popcorn maker, electric contact grill, rotary sweeper, mini cooker, rice cooker, pasta maker, egg cooker, frying bowl.

3.      Gas appliances above 30 Euros such as stove, convector, gas boiler, gas boiler, gas grill, gas stove, gas oven, gas shaker, gas light.

4.      Garden above 30 Euros such as cultivator and motorized and non-motorized lawn mower.

5.      Motorized hand tools above 30 Euros such as chainsaw, drill, hammer drill, corner grinder, circular saw, planer.

6.      Medical accessories and tools with the usage of more than 1 year and sunglasses above 30 Euros.

7.      Health-preserving devices above 30 Euros such as electric massagers, magnetic products, phototherapy devices

8.      Vehicles above 30 Euros such as bicycle, electric bicycle, electric roller, quad, motorcycle, moped bicycle, car, motor home, caravan, trailer caravan, trailer.

9.      Motorized watercrafts above 30 Euros.

10.   Childcare articles above 30 Euros such as changing and bathing stands, pram, mountable high chair, child’s car seat.

11.   Child monitoring equipment above 30 Euros such as breathing monitor, heart monitor, baby guard.

12.   Child’s playground equipment’s over 30 Euros as slides, swings and similar products.

13.   Lighting products above 30 Euros such as lamps and light sources.

14.   Security alarms and observation systems above 30 Euros.

15.   Electronic communication equipment above 30 Euros such as phone, mobile phone, fax machine, multifunctional device.

16.   Communication devices above 30 Euros such as hands-free device; satellite receiver and AM Micro antenna systems, television, projector, video recorder, radio, car radio, alarm clock, satellite positioning, record player, tape recorder and cassette recorder, CD recorder and player, DVD recorder and player, game console, Blu-ray player and desktops media player, custom sound system, mixing console, amplifier, loudspeaker, loudspeaker, microphone and headset, head-set.

17.   IT products above 30 Euros such as table computer, laptop, note-book, tablet, PDA, monitor, printer, scanner, camera, film and sound recording camera, camcorder and camcorder, photo printer, MP3 and MP4 player, portable media player, memory card, battery charger, calculator, pocket calculator.

18.   Office equipment above 30 Euros such as shredder, copier, laminator.

19.   Overhead projectors and film technology equipment above 30 Euros such as overhead projector, film magnifying glass, film recording and film processing apparatuses

20.   Optical devices above 30 Euros such as telescope, binoculars, microscope.

21.   Musical instruments above 30 Euros.

22.   Watches and jewelry above 30 Euros.

23.   Interior and exterior furniture, mattresses above 30 Euros.

24.   Measuring instruments, generators, power supplies above 30 Euros.

25.   Guns above 30 Euros.

26.   Sports equipment, hunting and fishing equipment above 30 Euros.

27.   Electrically operated beauty care equipment above 30 Euros such as hair dryer, hair styler, hair trimmer, epilator, electric razor.

28.   Noble and semi-precious fur garments made of leather above 150 Euros.

29.   All the accessories and parts of these products above 30 Euros.

When is the seller/entrepreneur not obligated to fulfill the guaranty request?

The seller/entrepreneur is not obligated to fulfill the guaranty request if he/she/it can prove that the flaw in the product has appeared after the completion of the contract. We bring to your attention that the costumer cannot request the warranty, product warranty and guaranty or any of the three at the same time.



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  • +36703209946


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