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FAQ 2 Fantasy Figures by Arnau Lázaro
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In this book you will find advice and explanation of all techniques and processes which you need to master painting of fantasy figures, provided by the master Arnau Lázaro. This guide through the world of fantasy figures is a unique book, full of impressive works, tricks and examples used to demonstrate the secrets of miniature painting from the basic pillars to the most complex techniquesas like OSL, volumes, NMM, etc. Now we put this knowledge in your hands to allow you to become a high level painter.

AK Interactive Extreme reality 5. The Beauty of old & weathered
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English. 124 pages. Semi-hard cover. Realism is usually the goal we, modellers always want achieve. It becomes very difficult as we have to bear in mind many details, but these small details are the ones that give our model its realistic appearance. Extreme Reality shows how this realism can be achieved in scale modelling. Follow the talented artists through a journey from models to real life. Divided in step-by step articles showing you from well known techniques to some of them rare or even just made for its specific model. A car graveyard, an abandoned swanboat, a paper excavator or some signs, are just some of the things we can see in the book.

AK Interactive American Armor in Vietnam
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The Vietnam War (1945-1975) was one of the most important conflicts of the 20th century, not only for the countries involved, but also internationally. It was a battle between two very different ideologies and two very different military strategies. Through over 240 official and private photos it commemorates the material, experiences and sacrifices of a generation of American armored vehicle crewmen. Sections describing some of the widely used, but lesser known armored vehicles of the conflict are included. A color profile section with over 170 illustrations of vehicles from some of the most important USMC and US Army armored and armored cavalry units is also included.

AK Interactive - American military vehicles camouflage profil guide
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This lavishly illustrated new title in our Profile Guide series takes you on a journey through U.S. military vehicles in World War II. Discover the plethora of different camouflage patterns represented in 160 color profiles and read informative captions that provide a more detailed explanation of the colors and markings used by the different units. The book also contains many historical photographs and technical information on colors and markings. This is a must-have publication for fans of American vehicles and an inexhaustible source of inspiration and knowledge for any modeler.

Abteilung502 Tigers to scale - Joaquín García Gázquez
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Modeling monograph dedicated to the most famous tank of the 2nd World War: the Tiger and its variants. The work shows how to assemble, paint and weather the models by means of detailed step-by-step processes, with more than 800 photographs, providing clear and concise explanations, materials, techniques, color charts, etc. The book is organized in 5 chapters: 1. Assembly 2. Color bases 3. Aging and weathering 4. Tracks, tools and accessories 5. Gallery A modeling approach to the mythical German armored vehicle, essential for fans of Military Vehicle Modeling and for any fan of miniatures.

AK-Interactive Little warriors 1:72 Vol. 2.
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Little Warriors vol.2 is the second issue of this series of monographs dedicated to small-scale modeling. This new volume of Little Warriors escapes the classic and conventional models by focusing on the Forces that made up the Axis pact in WWII, among which Germany, Japan, Italy, Hungary and Finland are represented. A magnificent compendium of parts and settings with detailed step-by-step instructions for all lovers of this scale.


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