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AMMO by Mig AMIG7303 Drybrush set Blue Colors

AMMO by Mig AMIG7303 Drybrush set Blue Colors

Product description

Drybrushing is an old school technique that has been used by modellers for decades. With it, we try to emphasize the three-dimensional appearance of the different textures and details of our models. Due to its simplicity and quick application, it was used in the movie industry to paint sets and models. For many years it was the most used technique by all modellers all around the globe. Although other new weathering techniques appeared eventually, drybrushing is still widely used for dioramas and groundwork, buildings, science fiction and wargames, fantasy, figures, and military vehicles. It is a versatile and easy to use technique that can produce convincing effects of volume, authentic textures, and highlight details on any model.

This set includes the essential colours necessary for this technique, saving on unnecessary complexity and jars. With these 4 colours modeler may use this advanced technique without the need for complicated mixtures and having always the colours used in any step of the process. These acrylic paints are formulated for maximum performance with the drybrush technique, with the ideal density and specific characteristics that make it the best type of paint for this painting technique.


MaterialAcrylic based paint
TypeGeneral weathering

Other data

Delivery time2-6 workdays
ManufacturerAMMO by Mig


  • Nefelejcs út 2., 4233, Balkány, Hungary
  • +36703209946


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