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AMMO by Mig AMIG2456 A-STAND Candy Bottle Green

AMMO by Mig AMIG2456 A-STAND Candy Bottle Green

Product description

A-STAND Candy Lacquer Colors
The Candy range are paints with exceedingly intense, vivid and bright tones, ideal for obtaining truly striking and original colours on your models, dioramas and figures of civilian, science fiction, and Gundam subjects and much more.


MaterialLacquer based
TypeGeneral paint

Other data

Delivery time2-5 workdays
ManufacturerAMMO by Mig

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Károly Magó - Ék és kereszt/Chevron and cross
Stock: 2

This book is the fruit of nearly ten years of research and the opening of a new era in this field. This is the first art based on evidence, in full accordance with military historical precision, the subject of paint and camouflage programs used by the Royal Hungarian Honvéd Air Force with military historical precision. Translated into the language of numbers: the author analyzed the remains of 30 different aircraft; and if we put together the reviewed and edited documents, dated official letters, recipes, color samples, these are nearly 25 meters from the original documents. They would make a tall tower. So the reader is in control of the outcome of this historic quest for truth - with solid facts and evidence backed up from various quarters.


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