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AMMO by MiG AMIG0334 Cobra Motor Gulf Blue

AMMO by MiG AMIG0334 Cobra Motor Gulf Blue

Product description

The Cobra Motor colour range are non-toxic paints, perfect for painting any area of your vehicles including bodies, rims, tires, engines and interiors. They can be very easily applied both with brush and airbrush, and have great covering power and an extremely smooth and uniform matt finish.

To achieve the distinctive gloss finish on the vehicles’ bodies, we have formulated a special lacquer to be used with the associated catalyst and thinner. Cobra Motor lacquer provides the same glossy finish as real vehicles. This is a toxic product, so we recommend using a paint mask during application.

Volume: 30ml


MaterialAcrylic based paint
TypeCar paint

Other data

Delivery time2-5 workdays
ManufacturerAMMO by Mig

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